The Sound of Your Voice, founded by Dr. Carol Fleming, is a San Francisco consultancy specializing in vocal development and communication training, dedicated to helping men and women increase their Communication Skills by refining their voice, words, and demeanor.

If you wonder whether that frog in your throat and those sweeping hand gestures affect your success in business, talk to Dr. Carol Fleming. Carol is a communications coach in private practice since 1980, and author of the best-selling  series The Sound of Your Voice and The Serious Business of Small Talk.

Some Concerns Expressed by Our Clients…

  • My voice lacks authority and people do not take me seriously
  • My job requires me to give presentations and deliver persuasive speeches
  • I suffer from stage fright every time I have to speak in front of people
  • My voice lacks power and I frequently lose my voice
  • We have several employees for whom English is not their first language. They are very capable but it is difficult to understand them
  • We are not effectively communicating with our staff and clients in other countries

How We Can Help…

Assessment & Evaluation

Let us work with you to evaluate your current needs and objectives and develop an action plan to improve your communication skills.

Executive & One-on-One Coaching

Coaching provides focus, feedback, skill-building techniques, and polishes your presentations, improves your networking, and brings out the best in your communication impact.

Seminars & Workshops

Workshops help you learn the essential concepts and skills to develop Personal Professionalism and your Communication Impact in small or large group settings.

Training Products

If you can not attend in person you can receive expert instruction through our audio cassettes and CD’s:

  • The Sound of Your Voice“, for people who want to know exactly what they should do to improve their personal communication skills
  • The Serious Business of Small Talk“, for people who must get out in the community, for either business or personal reasons, and need to develop fluency and comfort in making new social contacts.

Contact us today to discuss how our workshops, coaching and training products can improve your Personal Professionalism and Communication Impact.